Museum at Prairie Fire: Overland Park, Kansas


Some examples of products we used for this project include:

Titus Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers, Ruskin Louvers, and Loren Cook Fans.


Museum at Prairie Fire opened in Overland Park, Kansas on May 12th, 2014. It is a huge project consisting of both an impressive interior and exterior. It is estimated the museum will attract over 200,000 visitors a year out of state, making it one of the more popular new attractions in the Kansas City area.


Inside the Museum you will find a full T-Rex skeleton alongside Titus Flowbars. On the exterior, you will see a blend of asymmetrical windows, rooftops, and Ruskin Architectural Louvers. They blend in so well that you might have to take a moment to decide which is which.


This Museum is a gorgeous addition to the Kansas City area and we are proud to be a part of the development.

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