Titus’s position on the field painting of Grilles, Registers & Diffusers.

Titus has long held that their grille, register and diffuser products, as painted and shipped from their factories are not suitable for out-of-the-box re-painting without initial scuff-sanding of the surface to be field painted.

While scuff-sanding of surfaces to be re-coated will always result in the best adhesion of new paints, another option exists now in the use of

Sherwin Williams XIM Primers.


XIM 400W is designed to prime relatively hard coatings like the factory paint applied to Titus products.  It can be applied by spray or brush in the field and results in good adhesion to the original factory paint providing a suitable primed surface for the application of new paint.

Allow 1 to 2 hours curing time before top-coating with either latex or oil based paints.

XIM 400W primer is available at most Sherwin Williams retailers.

If extra rust or corrosion protection is required on steel components, XIM 360 Rust Inhibiting Primer is recommended.  Follow the Sherwin Williams instructions for proper application.


While Titus does not warranty any such re-coating of its products outside its factories, Titus makes this information available as a courtesy.

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