UMC Wolpers & Johnston Hall: Columbia, Missouri

This project includes several products from a variety of our manufacturers, such as Titus Terminal units, Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers.  Ruskin Smoke Dampers, Fire Dampers, and Louvers.  Enervix Dryer fans.  Loren Cook Fans, Acme Roof Curbs and Supports.  Captivaire Packaged Rooftop Equipment.


Johnston and Wolpers will occur sequentially for the renovations. Johnston Hall will be the first to close at the end of the Fall, 2012 semester and will reopen for the Fall, 2014 semester.  Wolpers Hall will close at the end of the Fall, 2013 semester and reopen for Fall, 2015.


This will improve the interior of the building, making way for a newer room and a lower bath to student ratio.


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